Australia’s fastest growing community of women and gender-diverse environmental and climate changemakers

The data is in. Our climate and environmental crises are not gender neutral.

A new report by WELA demonstrates that women and gender diverse people are acutely vulnerable to climate and environmental issues – but they also offer distinctive and effective approaches to solving these challenges. 

Our vision is for a world transformed by women leading change.

WELA is a community connecting, training and funding generations of women and gender diverse changemakers so that together we transform Australia’s response to our environmental and climate crises.

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What people say about us
  • Sherie Bruce
    Arrente and Yolgnu woman, Environmental Scientist and WELA alum (2020)

    “I have gained some incredible skills in management styles, leadership strategies and understandings of why and how some of the work challenges we face today evolved and how to apply practical solutions to solve those challenges. I also experienced substantial personal growth, overcoming my imposter syndrome, that feeling I am not good enough, not experienced enough, that I shouldn’t have a seat at the table, wherever that table might be. I am more confident and a better communicator. If you get the chance, please join WELA and embrace all the amazing team has to offer.”

  • Cécile van der Burgh
    Co-founder and Director of Kids in Nature Network, Education Manager at Port Phillip EcoCentre, and WELA alum (2018)

    “The WELA program gave me confidence and helped me find the courage to take the next steps for Kids in Nature Network. I was empowered to create connections, energy and ideas and to continue on my authentic leadership journey. With WELA, you’ll be in a space where you belong.”

  • Sanaya Khisty
    Chief Strategy Officer Beyond Zero Emissions, and WELA alum (2020)

    “WELA has provided me a steady stream of support and wisdom in a year full of uncertainty. I wasn’t sure what to expect from online programming, but I can say with confidence that WELA delivered in spades. I feel so close to and supported by my cohort and the WELA team, and am grateful for the opportunity to have connected with such kind and talented women. I know that their support and advice will continue to sustain and strengthen my work well into the future.”

  • Kelly O'Shanassy
    CEO Australian Conservation Foundation

    “More women in leadership roles will make our environment better. That’s my firm belief and why I’ve supported ACF staff to participate in the WELA program every year that it has run. The self-confidence, approach to teamwork and collaboration, and the strategic vision that ACF women have developed through their participation has been of great benefit to ACF and our movement.”

Our stories

We come from all walks of life. We are volunteers, managers, creatives, strategists and much more.

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