Join the WELA Giving Circle

Invest in diverse women’s leadership for our climate and environment.

You become a Giving Circle member when you commit to an annual payment of $1000 a year.  You can do this by selecting one of the following options:


Annual Payment of $1000 AUD


Monthly Payment of $85 AUD


Weekly Payment of $20 AUD

Commitments to the WELA Giving Circle are made via our partner organisation, Green Skills Inc. 
All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Giving Circle Membership

Giving Circle members are a valued part of the WELA community. By deciding to become a member of the WELA Giving Circle, you are directly supporting women and gender diverse people taking action for our climate and environment. Your commitment as part of our community of givers enables us to meaningfully invest in their leading change for a more sustainable future.

Once you have made your annual commitment of $1000 AUD you will receive a welcome pack from the WELA team that will provide you with a more information about the WELA Giving Circle, updates on our progress towards reaching our $100,000 goal and steps on how to get more involved in the WELA Community.

Members of the WELA Giving Circle are also given access to exclusive events and offers from WELA.

For more information about the WELA Giving Circle and how to join, please email

Giving Circle Ambassadors

Ambassadors are members of the Giving Circle who help us to grow the community of givers by sharing our vision with their networks and inviting them to join the WELA Giving Circle. 

As the WELA Giving Circle is still in its infancy, our ambassadors play a central role in helping us build the momentum, people power and resources needed to reach our goal.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a WELA Giving Circle ambassador download the ambassador pack below or you can contact us via

Become a WELA Giving Circle member