Campaign wins from Jess and Melinda

Photo caption: Jess Beckerling handing over the signatures for a petition to increase native forest protections in WA. Photo credit: Miles Tweedie Photography

Campaign wins from Jess and Melinda

In August 2021, the WA government announced an end to Native Forest logging in that state following decades of campaigning from thousands of people. That includes Jess Beckerling, a WELA 2020 alumna and the Convenor of the WA Forest Alliance.

Jess Beckerling has provided extraordinary leadership and direction for the WA Forest Alliance campaign ahead of the recent state election. 

Jess has maintained an exceptional level of energy and commitment and been able to pivot to meet challenges across many strategies.

WA Forest Alliance are in the best position they have been for 20 years to end native logging in WA and Jess has been key in this achievement.

Giz WatsonMentor and advisor to Jess Beckerling, WELA 2020, Convenor and Campaign Director, WA Forest Alliance

At the same time, the NSW government announced an end to their plans for dangerous incinerators in Sydney’s suburbs following a community campaign over several years led by Melinda Wilson (WELA 2016 alumna). 

A huge congratulations to Jess and Melinda on their campaign success.