Join the WELA Community Slack channel!

Join over 600 changemakers on the WELA Community Slack channel!

With the pandemic and lockdowns in 2020, the messaging app “Slack” became vital for the WELA community to stay connected. 

Through Slack, the WELA community has built connections, gained and offered support and learnt from each other’s experiences.

Join our Slack community and connect with hundreds of WELA  women and gender diverse people to collaborate, share and learn together. 

Our Slack channels

Events channel

You’re organising an event or want to share about a happening you care about? > Post it in our #events channel

Conversation channel

Do you want to have conversations and find resources about topics that matters? > Check out #jedi-power #first-nations-justice  #women-in-local-government channels

Learn channel

Are you keen on learning more about leadership, being inspired and lifting each other up? Go to #bring-a-brag #opportunities  #sources-of-inspiration #women-leadership

Connect channel

Do you want to connect locally with women in your state? Find out who’s in your area in #act-wela-women   #nsw-wela-women #nt-wela-women #queensland-wela-women #victoria-wela-women #tasmania-wela-women

Download our Slack channel guide to help you navigate the different conversations and use this virtual space to your advantage.

Our Slack WELA community guidelines

These are intended to help guide all of us in creating a space that is supportive, respectful, valuable and enjoyable to be in. 

Respect for First Nations people and people of colour
We lift one another up
We are inclusive and strive to create equitable spaces
We are always learning
We are respectful
We adhere to Chatham House Rules

We hold and demonstrate respect for First Nations people and people of colour, recognising that sovereignty in this country was never ceded. We actively strive to be anti-racist, to recognise the leadership of First Nations women, and support one another on this journey.

We share and celebrate one another’s successes and achievements, whether big, small or anywhere in between. And we acknowledge our own wins too. We recognise the capitalist challenge that we may sometimes find ourselves going for the same jobs, airtime or funding. But we commit to cooperating and striving to share our power, networks and bring one another to the table.

We make one another feel welcomed and appreciated. We recognise that we come to WELA with various ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, geographic locations, leadership styles and abilities. We are professionals, volunteers, board members, elected representatives and activists. This diversity and collaboration with others is part of what makes our network strong and vibrant.

We encourage questions, we share our knowledge and skills, and we seek to learn from others. 

While there is much that we have in common, we also will not always agree with one another. We encourage discussion, debate and feedback and are respectful of each other in our comments and behaviour. We recognise that there are lots of channels for communication – Slack, in person, phone, email and more – and consider the best platform for the particular conversation we want to have. 

We respect and encourage open discussion, and make it possible by respecting the privacy of what we are sharing. What’s shared on Slack stays on Slack!  What is said here can be shared, so long as the person sharing it does not directly or indirectly attribute it to you or your organisation unless express permission has been given.