Lots of climate solutions are not simple. This one is.

The leadership models that got us into these crises, will not be the same leadership models that get us out of them. Women are rising to the challenge, but they need your support.

The data backs this up left and right. 

  • The international evidence is in. More women in decision making leads to better environmental outcomes.[1]
  • Globally, women are 14 times more likely than men to die in a climate catastrophe, according to the United Nations Development Programme, and roughly 80% of the people displaced by climate are female, as estimated by the U.N. Environment Programme. [2][3]
  • Of the 110 heads of state and government who gathered at the COP27 climate negotiations in Egypt in late 2022, only seven were women.
  • In corporate Australia, progress on women’s leadership is going backwards according to the Chief Executive Women’s 2022 annual survey, with gender equality at the top of decision-making currently 100 years away. [4]
  • An internal review by The Nature Conservancy found that women reported their gender had played a key role in restricting their careers. {5]
  • Women-led projects are chronically underfunded, with less than 0.2% of global charitable funding going to women’s environmental action. [6]
  • A study for the European Parliament showed that women elected to Parliaments around the world are more likely to support environmental legislation than men. [7]
  • Companies with more women on their boards are more likely to have stronger environmental policies. [8]
  • Diverse teams have been proven to create better solutions to complex problems. Little is more complex than our environmental and climate crises. [9]

Our climate and environmental crises demand different leadership.

Diverse leadership with collaboration and networking at its core is critical. Responsive leadership that truly listens to communities is vital for solutions that work – towards a sustainable, equitable future. These qualities are abundant in women’s leadership.

This year, you can join with WELA to turn environmental leadership on its head – for change that works.

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