Gift in Will

Leave a gift in your Will to WELA

With a gift to WELA in your Will, you can create a powerful legacy that will last for generations.

So that tomorrow, more women than ever before can step up for our environment and lead a future to be proud of.

Sue's story

“When I realised I could make a gift to WELA in my Will, the whole process of facing mortality and the state of the world seemed that much easier. Supporting more women in their leadership towards an environmentally and socially just world sums up the passions that have driven my life, and from there it was easy. Our lawyer just said ‘of course you can’ and I simply had to hand over WELA’s contact details. Easy!”

Sue Lewis
Clifton Hill, Victoria

Aligning your Will with your values

Leaving a gift in your Will is a powerful way to ensure the people and priorities you care about most are provided for into the future. 

It’s the power to create that future – where our natural environment and our communities can thrive – and to empower the women who will make that possible.

The difference you’ll make

By making a gift to WELA in your Will, and letting us know about it, you’ll provide us with the long-term financial security to continue to invest in the programs and activities supporting women across Australia from all walks of life to step into their leadership for our environment.

How to leave a gift in your Will to WELA

It takes just three easy steps. 

  1. Reflect on what is important to you. Discuss your priorities and wishes with your family so they understand why your gift is important to you. 
  2. Decide what type of gift you’d like to leave:
  • A residual gift – once all family and friends are provided for and your debts are paid, the remainder or a percentage of your estate will be paid to WELA. This is a simple way to leave a gift that doesn’t interfere with any specific gifts to loved ones. It will also retain its value over time (unlike a specific cash gift that can reduce in value with inflation).
  • A percentage of your estate – making your gift a percentage of your estate, or of the residual of your estate, means no matter what the value of your final estate, the proportion you intend for WELA stays the same.
  • A fixed specific gift – such as real estate, shares or a cash amount.
  • Whole or part of your estate – you can leave your entire estate or any part of your estate to WELA.

    3. When you visit your solicitor to write or change your Will, simply make sure you include:

         The correct registered name:

         Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia Limited 

         ABN: 72 652 617 537

Let us know

If you’ve included WELA in your Will, we’d appreciate it if you could let us know by emailing us directly at Knowing of your support gives us the opportunity to thank you, as well as greater confidence in planning our future.

Your confidentiality will be respected at all times. 

Directly support women-led environment and climate action. And see the power it brings.