Tools for Changemakers Workshop: Essential Skills for Courageous Conversations

Tools for Changemakers Workshop: Essential Skills for Courageous Conversations

Join us for the first of WELA’s new Tools for Change Workshops – a dynamic online learning session to gain practical tools and valuable insights for handling these conversations effectively.

What we’ll explore together


Understanding Courageous Conversations
  • Opening Reflection: Establishing trust and engaging our curiosity and generosity.
  • Understanding Conflict and Navigating Tension: Discuss the importance of crucial conversations in leadership, collaboration, and driving change and why we avoid having them.
  • Introduce Key Principles: Discuss how these principles can guide us through challenging dialogues, such as active listening, empathy, authenticity, and respect.
  • Framework for Preparation: Break down each step and provide examples and scenarios for clarification.



Practice and Application
  • Role-plays: Practise having crucial conversations in a safe environment with other like-minded individuals, encouraging feedback and reflection on principles and techniques.
  • Managing Emotions and Reactions: Address how to handle emotions and reactions, both from oneself, and from others. Providing you with strategies for staying calm and focused, and for de-escalating tense situations.
  • Addressing Power Dynamics: Discuss how power imbalances can impact critical conversations, particularly in leadership contexts, ensuring more equitable dialogues.
Inspired Actions

Summarise key takeaways and share your commitments for applying what you’ve learned.

The event is finished.


09 Apr 2024


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm