Alumni Funded First Nations Scholarship

Calling all WELA alumni!

Alumni from our leadership program are funding this important scholarship. It is available for a First Nations woman or gender diverse person to do our transformative leadership program each year. If you are not a WELA alumni member but would like to contribute to our scholarships, please donate here.


Ngaji mingan (Hello, how are you?),

Ngayu nilawarl (my name is ) Monica Edgar, I am a Yawuru & Karajarri Jarndu (woman). I am pleased to receive this scholarship to support me on my Journey throughout my work and as a community member that supports “looking after country”. I am proud to be involved in demonstrating strong leadership for the young women I work with.

Gala Mabu (Thank You).

MONICA EDGARLead Country Manager, Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd

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Thanks to donations from people like you, WELA women have gone on to influence some of Australia’s most important and strategic campaigns and projects like these.

Stopped a new coal mine in New South Wales

Stopped dangerous waste incinerators in Sydney’s suburbs

Been elected to local government and state parliaments

Led campaigns to Stop Adani, build renewable energy and save essential habitat from logging

These inspiring women are reshaping our future for the better, for all of us. But we need to go so much further. The crises we face are urgent and the barriers to women’s leadership are real. You can change that.