Giving Circle Grant Winners

Recipients Grant Round #2 February 2024

$10,000 Cairns and Far North Environment Centre: Table Talks Project

CAFNEC’s Table Talks Project involves training volunteer leaders to facilitate focus group discussions with Cairns community members who are experiencing climate impacts. Participants include those most vulnerable to heat and climate hazards and those on the frontlines of disaster response.

The project goal is to provide a safe space for participants to share their stories of the direct impacts of climate change, and the indirect impacts to their quality of life, e.g., cost of living, livelihood, culture, and health. These conversations will be compiled into a report that tells the story of climate change in FNQ.

The report will help inform strategies for mitigation and adaptation, and community events will offer avenues for participants to advocate for the solutions they need.

The Malaami Conversations will be a conduit for continued bridge-building between Gumbaynggirr knowledge and existing climate resilience projects in our local area. The project will include four events over the year, each one focusing on one specific “climate resilience” topic that will follow the themes of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Each Conversation will begin with a panel that includes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with expertise in the focus area. Each panel will be followed by a “Kitchen Table Conversation” in which local community members have the opportunity to learn, discuss, and get involved by joining existing projects and/or creating new ones.

Recipients Grant Round #1 Sept 2023

$5,000 Food Connect Foundation

Food Connect Foundation and Humanize Media are partnering to host an Indigenous-conceived and curated event on Indigenous food practices in South East Queensland. Aboriginal food sovereignty, the native food industry, and the cultural significance of food, plants, medicines, and cultivation practices will be explored by a panel of invited female speakers, followed by a seasonal dinner shared with participants, featuring the best native ingredients from our region.

The event will connect with and give a platform to mob who are maintaining and reviving these cultural practices across the country and be presented through a lens of empowerment.

$5,000 Landcare Victoria

This project will help to develop new partnerships with Traditional Owner Groups, to further facilitate cultural and healing practices on Country. This project will build on the partnership between Mount-Korong Eco-Watch and Dja Dja Wurrung, to teach landcare volunteers about Djaara women’s farming practices.

Landcare volunteers are interested to know more about cultural burning and other traditional land management practices, such as the use of digging sticks. The Victorian Landcare Forum, to be held on 8-10 May 2024 in Bendigo, provides an excellent opportunity for respectful collaboration with the Djaara women via a workshop and local site visit. Leadership in building resilient communities is an important function of Landcare Victoria.

This summer is predicted to be our hottest since the devastating 2019 bushfires. It is a critical time to push politicians to treat heat as the public health emergency it is. We will amplify the stories of people living in hot homes and suburbs to tell the true story of heatwaves in a way that can’t be ignored.

We will hire a part-time communications staff member to work with community spokespeople and transform powerful stories into persuasive messages by:

  1. Supporting 10 women or gender diverse people to become community spokespeople and share stories of extreme heat to be published and shared on social media
  2. Giving one-on-one and group support for people to be confident speaking to media
  3. Developing and pitching stories centred on lived-experience

$5,000 Seed Mob

Seed is hosting a 2-day regional training camp in Western Australia in October for 15-20 First Nations young people as part of a national series. These camps are unique and transformative experiences, as they are run by and for First Nations young people to build transferable skills across leadership, communication, organising, campaigning, and crafting plans to take collective action.

Volunteers will take part in peer-led workshops, and discussions and hear from speakers. They will learn how to maintain a local Seed group, have a relational and intentional conversation about climate justice and campaign strategically; and be funneled into our campaign to protect the Kimberley from dangerous fracking in the Canning Basin.