Help Grow the WELA Giving Circle

Three things you can do today!

1. Download an image to share on your social media and tell your friends and colleagues why you joined the Giving Circle. This kind of personal recommendation really works. 

Here’s an example:

“Absolutely delighted to have signed up for another year of being part of the WELA Giving Circle. Check out Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia to learn more about wonderful, impactful, and enabling projects being supported by the Giving Circle. Anyone can be part of the giving circle…all genders can support WELA and show solidarity for a brighter future. When I re-signed my pledge for the year, I was asked: ‘Why are you supporting the Giving Circle?’ I responded: ‘Pure joy.’ “
Giving Circle member Melanie Birtchnell

OR simply copy and paste this:

I’m proud to be a member of the Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA) Giving Circle – Australia’s only giving circle dedicated to funding women’s action on environment and climate issues. 

Put simply, the leaders who got us into this mess are not going to be the ones that get us out. Together, our community has raised and granted over $200,000 for real impact and innovative solutions.

Right now, we are raising funds for our next granting round.

Will you join us?

2. Email five friends!

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you and here is a sample email!

Just a quick email to let you know that I’ve just become a WELA Giving Circle Member! This is Australia’s only giving circle dedicated to funding women’s action on environment and climate issues.

Women and gender-diverse people all over Australia are stepping up to the challenges facing our planet. From the tree sitting in the Tarkine to taking fossil fuel companies to court, we are making change.

But did you realise that women-led projects are chronically underfunded with less than less than 1 percent of international philanthropy going to women’s environmental initiatives? Yes, that’s less than 1%

By joining the WELA Giving Circle, we’re going to change that.

When you become a member, your tax-deductible commitment of $20 per week or $1000 a year goes a long way. We pool our resources, with 50% granted to women-led environmental and climate action through our Small Grants Program, and the other 50% supporting the next generation of leaders through WELA’s groundbreaking leadership programs.

I think this is going to be a really powerful way to make change.

Here’s the link to join Talk soon!

3. Gather your friends and tell them about the Giving Circle!

Organize a dinner party, lunch at your office, or a coffee date with friends to introduce them to the Giving Circle, share success stories, and answer questions. Let us know if you need any help organising and we are more than happy to send one of the WELA team along. We are here to help!