WELA Giving Circle Grant Round #2 Voting Information Page -VOTING HAS CLOSED FOR THIS ROUND

About Grant Round #2

WELA’s Giving Circle is proud to start the year with a grant round to support women and/or gender-diverse people leading environment and climate action. We will be awarding two grants of $10,000.

This grant round is a 2-step process involving an Expression of Interest (EOI). Following this, four shortlisted applicants have been invited to complete a full grant application via Interview with a representative from WELA. See videos below. The full EOI can be found in the magazine below.

How to vote

  1. Explore the Grant Applications below: scroll down to discover the remarkable projects submitted for consideration. We have put together a magazine for those who like to read and we also have 4 video interviews for you as well.
  2. Then go to the voting form to rank the projects: Click on the button below which will take you to a form where you will rank the projects that resonate with you and align with our granting guidelines. The projects that receive the top two rankings will receive the two $10,000 grants.
  3. The voting period is 9 am Tuesday 20th Feb – 5 pm Wednesday 28th Feb.

NOTE: Voting on Giving Circle Small Grants is OPEN TO GIVING CIRCLE MEMBERS ONLY. If you are keen to take part but aren’t a member yet, then you can join up here. It isn’t too late!

Our four shortlisted projects…

Read all about our four shortlisted projects in our special magazine!

Watch the interviews with our four shortlisted projects to find out more…