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The evidence and our experience shows that more women in decision making leads to better environmental outcomes.* Women often bring a collaborative, networked approach to leadership. Collaboration is the genesis of innovation – we need to supercharge this to reshape our future.

That’s why we are building a community of women and gender diverse people leading positive change for our environment and climate. Our community is growing. Right now, we’re opening the doors to welcome more women in and we’re seeing connections form in person and online as people work, plan and lead change, together.

*Evidence references include Gender & Society and ScienceDirect.

As our community grows across Australia, we are looking at how we can support action; how we can nurture the power and influence we need to change the world.

Some of us want to lead that change.

Some of us want to be part of it.

All of us want to bring it.

Please join us.

Collaboration is the genesis of innovation

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Please be part of our community to reshape the future.

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The WELA community is growing, with more women and gender diverse people stepping into their leadership for our environment and climate action every day.

We’re working together to open doors for any women seeking to build their leadership in these spaces, and wanting to support others along the way.

If you’re looking to connect and collaborate with other women across the country working (paid and unpaid) for our environment and climate action, the WELA Slack community is for you.

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