Monica Edgar.

Ngaji mingan(Hello, how are you?)


Ngayu nilawarl (my name is ) Monica Edgar, I am a Yawuru & Karajarri Jarndu (woman). I am pleased to receive this scholarship to support me on my Journey throughout my work and as a community member that supports “looking after country”. I am proud to be involved in demonstrating strong leadership for the young women I work with.

Gala Mabu (Thank You).


Lead Country Manager

Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd and WELA 2021 alumni

In 2021, Monica Edgar from Broome in WA was the first ever recipient of the WELA Alumni Funded First Nations Scholarship. Created and funded by WELA Alumni to fund a First Nations women to participate in the WELA Leadership Development Program

First Nations women and gender diverse people have been standing tall for Country for millenia. But we know their voices are so often unsupported, unpaid, and unrepresented in decision making spaces. By supporting more indigenous women in their leadership, we can mutually learn, empower and support each other towards environmental and First Nations justice.  

Calling all WELA Alumni – Will you make a donation today and support a First Nations woman to participate in the WELA 2022 program?