Louise Crossley

1942 – 2015


Louise was born in South Africa and like other children of colonial families, she was sent to boarding school in England at the age of four. She studied science at Cambridge and after interludes of travel and sailing fetched up in Sydney in 1969 where she completed a PhD in the history and philosophy of science. Her professional career included Project Manager at the Powerhouse Museum, Deputy Director of the Commission for the Future and two stints as leader of Australian bases in Antarctica, only the second woman to take such a role. In the 1990s, having settled in Tasmania, Louise played an important role in the establishment of the Greens, locally, nationally and globally including as the author of the Global Greens Charter. Louise was an adventurer both in life and ideas, always curious, always keen to engage with new thinking; she had a fierce intellect and courage to match.

Louise’s support of women, young people and of the Green Institute has been instrumental in forming WELA.