Phoebe Roundtree

Meet Phoebe Roundtree, a member of WELA’s Leadership Development Program in 2020 and the current Mobilisation Coordinator at Australian Conservation Foundation.

Phoebe started the WELA program as a digital campaigner at ACF and says it helped her build confidence in her skills. She describes the program as “an antidote of how fast we are encouraged to move in the world” as it helps take a step back to strategically reflect on your career, which she shares more about in her video.

Phoebe has found the program’s confidence building and peer-to-peer learning component a particular highlight.

For me, it cut out a lot of time, doubt and time wasted on hesitating. Getting rid of the doubt has been really empowering,” she said. “I’ve been able to see the projects that I really believe in and that I think we should be doing and back them all the way, and not doubt that it is the wrong decision.

Phoebe Roundtree

If you are considering our annual leadership development program, Phoebe would recommend it to any women who feel they need connection and support in their work or to be challenged in their practice.