WELA Weekends

WELA Weekends

Tailored 3 or 4 day retreats for between 15 and 25 women from within the same geographic community. Depending on your requirements, the retreat can include:

  • A 3 to 4 day in-person retreat at a local facility, connected to nature
  • Facilitated workshops, presentations and panel discussions tailored to the needs of your community
  • An opportunity to develop your own leadership, while forming deep connections and relationships with other women environmental leaders in your region or community
  • Online connection to participants and WELA’s growing network across Australia
  • Comprehensive resources and materials

Who it's for

Women and gender diverse people in regional, local or state-based communities across Australia, actively working (paid or unpaid) for the environment or climate, who are looking to take the next step in leadership. This includes women working in the not-for-profit, government or business sectors, as well as unpaid volunteers.

If your community could benefit from a WELA program, please get in touch with us to discuss options. 

Become a Partner

If your community could benefit from a WELA Weekend regional program, please get in touch to discuss collaboration opportunities. We’re currently exploring program options in partnership with state-based conservation organisations, local government authorities and a regional university.

WELA Weekend Queensland

Case study:

This first edition of the WELA Weekends regional programs, called the WELA Weekend — Queensland Program 2022 was held in partnership with the Queensland Conservation Council.

The program aimed to address the ways in which women’s crucial leadership can transform our response to the environmental and climate crises that we face, especially in the context of Queensland.

The results of the evaluation indicate that the program has successfully helped develop the confidence of participants to lead in the ways that make sense to them, and increase their sense of influence and ability to advocate for themselves and others.

WELA Weekend testimonial

Misty Nelson
Ecologist: Research & Funding Officer, Burnett Catchment Care Association and WELA QLD Weekend alumna

“WELA helped me build connections and a clearer understanding of how to be impactful in my work.  It expanded my mind and confidence that what I do matters and that I can be and do more. Since the program I have expanded my on-ground environmental program work, strengthened my networks and collaborated on new projects. I have also been asked to speak at leadership forums, been invited to represent regional communities in the plan towards decarbonisation and consulted on environmental accounting projects.” 

Get in touch

Scholarships and help

Our fundraising supplements our program running costs to keep prices lower and we provide a range of full and partial scholarships, which you can read about here.

We also don’t want anyone to miss out on applying for our programs for other reasons. If you find working on a computer difficult or face other barriers, please email us on info@wela.org.au so we can arrange to talk it through.