Sanaya Khisty

Meet Sanaya Khisty, a member of WELA’s Leadership Development Program in 2020 and the current Chief Strategy Officer at Beyond Zero Emissions.

Sanaya started the WELA program before taking on the role at Beyond Zero because she wanted to get more involved in the environment movement. She describes the program as “an amazing experience for many reasons”, which you can hear in her video.

Sanaya has found the program’s mentorship component a particular highlight. 

“The team went out of their way to make sure I was matched with a mentor who suited the interests that I had,” she said. “I’ve been matched with someone who’s just been so wise and helpful and always has advice that is useful in my work, and the way I think about work.”

If you are considering our annual leadership development program, Sanaya would recommend it to anyone working in the environment and climate space from any sector.

“I absolutely would recommend the experience to anyone who’s looking to deepen their skills and really think about the kind of leader that they want to be.”