Sue Lewis

Meet Sue Lewis, one of WELA’s co-founders who was formerly Director of Swinburne University’s Centre for Gender and Cultural Diversity and is a teacher in the WELA leadership program.

Sue has been involved in WELA from the beginning and describes the journey as a very special, nurturing, reflective and learning time in her life. In her video below, she shares why having a space for women to learn together and think about leadership is “so important for the future of the planet”.

Sue says the current leadership model needs to change because it isn’t working.

“WELA creates this space where women can go out and be more effective leaders and members of our environment community,” she said.   

There is a power in bringing people together and Sue feels very proud of the WELA community for being able to transfer this space online.

“Every part of what we create in WELA, from the food, the nurturing, the leadership challenges, the speakers we have, the environment, the facilitation, the women who come into the program forms this whole,” she said. “I feel very honoured to be part of the (retreat) week.”