WELA Giving Circle

We’re powerful when we’re together.


We are launching a new WELA Giving Circle

Together we're bringing the power of community to support women’s environmental leadership across Australia.

The WELA Giving Circle brings together people who are passionate about our environment and climate, who understand the importance of diverse women’s leadership and know the real difference it can make in driving action.  Together, we’re using our collective giving, our resources and our networks to be a force for change.

Be one of the first to join this powerful community of givers


If you want to directly support women and gender diverse people across Australia leading and advocating for our planet, join the WELA Giving Circle as a founding member today.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to invest in women’s environmental leadership by our official launch

What is the WELA Giving Circle?

The WELA Giving Circle is a participatory granting fund made up of a community of givers who share the values and vision of WELA. They come together bringing the collective power of their networks and their financial, intellectual, and personal resources to help drive impact.

When you become a member of the WELA Giving Circle, you are instantly connected to a network of givers who care deeply about the welfare of our environment and understand  the importance of diverse women’s leadership  in strategically addressing the climate and environmental crisis.

This is a special arm of the WELA community. As a Giving Circle member, you will be investing in the work of WELA through your contributions. You will also have the opportunity to vote on which projects the funds you help to raise will go to support.

How does it work?

You become a WELA Giving Circle member when you commit to an annual contribution of at least $1000 a year.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 so that we can meaningfully invest in diverse women leaders across the country.

To achieve this we need one hundred committed givers to join the WELA Giving Circle!

With a community of one hundred givers we’ll be able to launch our first grant rounds where climate and environmental organisations led by women and gender diverse people will be able to apply for up to $20,000 in funding to support their advocacy, projects and campaigns.

Giving Circle Grants

The WELA Giving Circle grants are organised around three core principles. 


Redefining Leadership 

Supporting women and gender-diverse leaders to positively influence local communities, businesses industries and government 



Fostering collaborative and networked leadership




Removing barriers and opening doors for women and gender-diverse people from different backgrounds and communities


In order to be considered for the grants, organisations must be actively partaking in climate and environment work led by women and gender diverse people.

A group of Giving Circle members along with the WELA team will then shortlist  the applications. These will be presented to the WELA Giving Circle community to vote on who will be the successful grant recipients.

Our Impact

The WELA Giving Circle has the potential to create massive impact across Australia. 

There are three way in which we create impact: 

  1. Directly funding grants to environmental and climate advocacy projects and campaigns, led by women and gender diverse people 

  2. Supporting more women and gender diverse people to step into leadership through WELA’s programs and activities 

  3. By bringing your networks, knowledge and ideas to this community, opening new doors and creating new opportunities between members and grant recipients, you’ll leverage even greater impact along the way.

Why join the WELA Giving Circle?

Women’s leadership is essential to achieving a more wholistic approach towards safeguarding our future.

Many women are already leading for our environment and climate across Australia, but their work remains largely unsupported, unseen, and unfunded. Significantly limiting their influence and impact.

 By removing existing barriers, highlighting collaborative, networked and community centred responses for the environment and equipping women leaders with essential skills and resources to further their work we are able to transform Australia’s response to our environmental and climate crises.

Join the WELA Giving Circle today to support women and gender diverse people stepping up for our future.