Wendy Farmer

Meet Wendy Farmer, a member of WELA’s Leadership Development Program in 2020 and President of Voices of the Valley, a community advocacy group that formed during the catastrophic 2014 Hazelwood brown coal mine fire in Victoria. 

“We are a coal community and we know that coal won’t be here forever so we are travelling the journey of what our community may look like at the end,” Wendy said.

She began the WELA program after being encouraged by friends and has found its campaigning and relational skills component a particular highlight, which you can hear more about in her video.

Wendy described the journey of WELA as heartwarming and very different from other leadership programs due to the caring and safe environment in which to learn.

Even for those who have completed other leadership development programs, Wendy would still recommend WELA to anyone working in the environment and climate space from any sector.

Do WELA – it is a very wonderful experience

Wendy Farmer